I am actually really happy with myself at the moment. It’s 5:20 pm on the 2nd of January and all I’ve eaten this year is a peanut butter sandwich and I’ve dropped 2 kilos. Bad news though, is that I have my period. Although I can use it as an excuse for not being hungry. God, I’m so hungry.

My BMI finally reached the healthy weight zone from being overweight :D i’m on my way.

Who’s up to a water fast until Christmas, I AM.

I cannot believe myself. I was doing absolutely fantastic on my fast today and then tonight I just had so much to eat I feel so sick.

Anonymous asked
Are you pro ana or mia?

I do speak about it with others and suggest better ways of like purging and stuff but I don’t push anorexia or bulimia on anyone. I will help anyone who asks for help.

Anonymous asked
How do you lose weight?

I restrict, starve and purge all which have worked for me.